Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i think about you too much

i miss you more than you know, more than you probably care. i know i let you down, screwed you around and lost your trust. i don’t know what i was thinking, but everyday for over 3 months i’ve dreamed of a day that i could call you mine, that maybe one day you’ll realise how i feel and that i’ve thought about you & your soft lips, your warm strong arms that once held me close to you, your kwirky smile and your kind ocean blue eyes which captivate me when i look at them. everytime i think about you, see you or am reminded of you a unique smile is imprinted on my face, a smile only you can put there. i took you for granted and disappointed myself worse than i expected, but i hope that one day you’ll be able to give me a second chance, the chance that could change my life. the chance i hope for, the chance i will soon deserve. 

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