Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it's over

leave me alone. accept that it’s over, you had thousands of ‘last chances’ and you took advantage of them and my love. me hearts devotion to you, & my hope that one day we could regain what we once had, but instead of trying to fix what we had so easily broken we fell back into the loop. i woke up, i realized that i was wasted my life for someone who didn’t appreciate it nor me. you said you would change, but you never did. you lied. cheated. yelled. bad mouthed and broke me. you never expected me to leave, & in-fact neither did i. but from what i learnt from you & the last 3 years, i am stronger than what you thought, stronger than you will ever be. & i rejected that i deserved nothing less than the bullshit you so easily put me through, the sleepless nights, endless cry’s out for help & the sheer carelessness of you & who you are. you will never change, doesn’t matter if i continued to hope & pray everyday, it would never change. you were once amazing, beyond words but now you’ve become an empty pathetic shell. a shadow of who you once were. although we love each other it isn’t enough anymore, your not good enough for me. i will never let myself come back to you, even if i cry, even if i’m lonely, even if i feel like i need you, i will not let myself come back. i am stronger than you think & i am moving on with my life. & never turning back. so; stay away from me, & do not not try to get me back. my mind is made up & i am without a doubt a better person without you. even after a few weeks. goodbye my lover. i will not forget you. 

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