Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i adore your smile

i don't think you know how happy you make me. i didn't think it was possible feel this amazing after everything. i thought i would still hurt everyday. but I'm happy. happier than I've been in years! i didn't know this was possible. i owe you so much darling. yes, your simple, but to me your fucking amazing. everyday i gain more of your trust & i'm closer to calling you mine. cuddling up in bed staring into your eyes, i love every second. i wish you didn't have to go. i want to fall asleep in your arms, but i'll wait because your coming to stay on Friday :) i really like you. more than i thought i ever would. & i know you wont let me down, i know you will keep your promises. & we're fucking going to paramore!!! I'm so fucking excited. you don't know what this means to me. my favorite band (i was very upset about missing them last time they came) & my new boy. someone promised me that we would go together, but i let go of that promise a while ago. but now it's going to be even more amazing! I'm going with you. wonderful, gorgeous you. how can life get any better?

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