Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a keeper.

when i get lonely all i do is look at the stars and i reminded that someone cares. i remember months ago, a night when you opened my eyes. even though our words we're slurred, i know you ment what you said to me "your beautiful, you deserve the best and i wanted to give it to you, i've been hung up on you for so long" in that moment my heart skipped a beat. a tear full of happiness rolled down my cheek and you held me. but after that night; nothing more, some silly play fights, the occasional minute long hug or texts late at night, when you should be sleeping or the look you give me when no one else is around. sometimes; the little things mean the most. you've always been there for me, sometimes all you did was sit there and play music or let me ramble on about the currently problem in my life. you've been know to come find me when i'm stranded and broken. your one of my closest friends, i can speak openly and honestly to you. i trust you with my life.

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