Sunday, September 12, 2010

listen to me.

we know your both young, we know you've never had a serious relationship, we know we're a little on the weird side, we know your trying but sometimes we get really mad at you. when you say your gonna come see us; do it, instead of out of nowhere having a boy's day. if we say to shut up; shut the fuck up. if we say something upsets us; listen. if we say we need you; come running. we would do the same for you, we listen to you when you need to bitch, but will your attention span allow you to hear our crys? we're strong, we're stronger than you think but sometimes we need someone to look after us, to listen to our drama, to come see us when our family is loosing the plot, we really wish you'd stop cancelling on us, soon please and thankyou.

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