Sunday, September 5, 2010

sometimes, you make me really sick

you came to my house when i was at school, went through my room; found my diary & when i got home i found it on my bed, you'd writen in it again. it makes me sick, you have no respect for people or they're belongings. you knew what my diary means to me & you know i hated you reading it. i had only just started writing in it again because for years i was too afraid to write my ssecret thoughts in it & hide it somewhere; i knew you would eventually find it. a day or two after i broke up with you, you did this. you found it underneath all of my clothes in my draws, read it & ripped out a page. a page i did not want you to see. a page about him, it says "i miss you" over & over. you wrote "no wonder why we didn't work fucking lol" yes it's a big fucking LOL. you ripped it out & gave it to me. this is one of the reasons i left you. no respect. none at all. not for me, not for your friends, not for your family, not for youself. i never wanted to say that i wish i didn't fall inlove with you. but i think now that i've realised what i was doing to my life, & what you were doing & did to my life; i wish i left you much sooner. i will never forget the way you made me feel but i will not let myself feel it ever again.

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