Thursday, September 23, 2010

still holding onto you.

i didn't know i was upsetting you so much, i didn't know that finding someone that makes me happy would put you through so much misery. i didn't realize i was adding to your pain.  i knew you were struggling, but i didn't realize it was this bad. i didn't realize how much it all gets to you; i guess i thought you'd be happy that i was smiling everyday. which i'm sure you are; but his best friend, your boy. i don't even know what to say about that.he's not right for you. you know it, i know it. but your still holding on. i can see how unhappy you are, especially when you don't tell me. (which really frustrates me btw) i wish you'd tell me, instead of having to search though my mind and figure it out, like it was a game or something. i'm sorry i haven't been there for you much recently. & i'm sorry i've been snapping at you. half the time i don't even realize why i'm doing it or that i'm doing it at all. i will make you smile, i will make you laugh, i will make you happy tonight. hold on please, i love you.

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