Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you don't get it.

i made a promise that i do not want to keep. i made a promise to make someone else happy. i made the promise so that you would drop it. i made the promise because i thought it's what was best. but now that i've made the promise, i would have rather you went on about it for hours about it. i would have rather you yelled and sworn at me, but there is no going back. you don't understand it, i knew you never would. you expect me to be over it and willing to fall for you already? i don't think so. you expect me to never talk, see or mention him ever again. don't get me wrong, i know your scared. and i know it was him that i hurt you with. but it's not easy to let go of someone who was your life for so long. you asked me if i still loved him, i said no. you asked me if i was over him, i said yes. i lied. i feel bad, but apparently i did the right thing by you. i told you what you wanted to hear, even though it wasn't the truth.

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