Sunday, September 5, 2010

you make me smile

i really like you, i'm trying really hard to show you that you can trust me. i'm not that girl anymore, that girl that pushed you away & hurt you. i've changed, & i'm still changing. everyday i do things to prove to you that i will not hurt you again, & i don't think you notice half the time. i get offered a cone, but i reject because of you. because i know you don't like it, & even if you say "i don't mind" i know you do, & i know you would rather i didn't take it. so i don't; whenever i'm with you i don't do it. for you. for countless months i told myself that i would cut down, & then i'd tell myself it was okay because of whatever was stressing me out. & so i did it everyday. but now it's different. on friday a joint was waved around in my face & my friends told me to have some; it was as simple as looking at your face for me to not want it. well yes i did want it. but i want you more. i want your trust. i want your hugs. i want your kisses. i want to call you mine. but i will wait; i will be patient & i will keep trying my hardest. you make me a better person. & i love it. all day today i wanted to grab your face & land a fat one right on your lips. but i didn't. you could tell, & i know you wanted to kiss me too. i could tell by the look on your face. you looked into my eyes & bit your lip hugged me goodbye & left. 2 minutes later you told me to wait outside, (making yourself later than you already were for work) you came back & i kissed you. i kissed you. 3 times infact. i love it. i can't get enough of it. i really like you.

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