Monday, October 18, 2010

i'm still bleeding from you.

you know me better than anyone else does, and it haunts me that no one will ever know me the way you do. i force myself to forget you, to forget what we we're and what we had. but i'm still reminded everyday and it still hurts all the time. i really wish i could talk to you right now, for some fucked up reason i just want to hear your voice. i want you to make me feel better, i want you to ask me if i'm okay and care that i'm not. but that wont happen. when you called me and didn't say a word, i pretended i didn't know who it was calling me, but i knew it was you. and i knew you weren't okay. i'm still broken from you, and it still fucking hurts. but i do not want you, i am much better off without you.

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