Monday, October 18, 2010

thankyou for being you.

you had been working me up for about a week, telling me i'd find out soon what you've got planned. finally you slipped, "i'm taking you out to dinner" i was speachless, i couldn't believe my ears. after being offical for a month he wanted to take me out to dinner! i thought in my mind "how did i find someone so wonderful, how could i be so lucky to have found him in my mess of a life, this is amazing" and then it hit me, i hadn't packed any clothes worthy enough of being worn out to a restaurant. after stressing for an hour and a half, and your mum telling me i was looking too casual; i was starting to shake. i wanted so desperately to look pretty for you, i wanted your eyes to pop out of your skull when you saw me, show you i was worth taking out. 'the first girl he's ever taken out to dinner' my stomach dropped. where did i find him?! why hasn't anyone else tried to snatch him up, all for themselves? your dad let you take me back across town to my house so i could get ready. like your mum said "he understand that a girl likes to look good" it's true, it's not just for us girls self esteem though, it's for you. we want to stun you, we want you to want to take us out and show us off. i'm still shocked how fast i got ready, in like 45 minutes; never got ready so fast. you looked incredible, you know i think you look gorgeous when you do your hair like that and wear a dress shirt, you looked absolutely  incredible. we arrived just on time, you had your parents organise this date online nights beforehand. i couldn't take my eyes off you the whole night, and neither could you. we talked the whole time, planning what we were going to do in the future, learning more and more about each other and smiling. the whole time, we smiled. apart from when we let our walls down and opened up a little bit more. i think your amazing. after dinner we went to the warf and had a smoke, all the lights and the cool spring air, the dinner, you and me, it was perfect. the whole time in my mind i kept going over the thoughts "i am so lucky i have you, your amazing and your all mine." "i've never been happier, i know i could love you one day" you kissed me softly, you held me, you kept me warm, you made me feel amazing; like nothing else in the world mattered, because we had each other and we we're happy, unconditionally happy; in that very moment. we finished off our night together by going up to burger king and getting sundae's. caramel for me and strawberry for you. it was an amazing night, we went out properly, for the first time. we are now a committed relationship, but we are still young and know how to have fun, this date showed this easily. i'm in like with you.

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