Friday, October 8, 2010

unlike you, i care.

you threw her away so easily; like you were throwing away the rubbish or something. you we're surprised when she was upset and wanted to you hurt, because that's what you did to her. accept it or not. you fucking hurt her. you've never even given her the chance to properly say goodbye to you, and what you two had. then you decided it'd a good idea to talk in person, and sort your shit out. and maybe one day be friends. after talking her into it and countless times trying to get a hold of you, and asking you to come see her... you continue to ignore her. how much fucking ruder are you going to be? i'm fucking sick of having to sort your problems out. it's not that fucking hard to have a conversation with her. grow the fuck up, seriously. i'm loosing patience. she's fucking incredible. you knew how broken she is and you just made it worse. the least you could do is talk to her.

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