Sunday, October 17, 2010

we will get through this, and everything else.

i don't understand how you can think i was doing his dirty work for him? he was the one that slept with her, not me. i had no control over it. but i do not at all believe you would have rathered i didn't tell you, where that boy was there or not, you needed to know. you being completely unreasonable, i walked around in the rain for an hour looking for you today. when i finally figured out where you would be, you ran off and started yelling at one of the other people who have always tried to support and help you, we are your friends; believe it or not. and we love you. i told you, because i love you. if i had hidden it from you; i would have been killing myself inside, and you may think i'm killing you inside, but it's not me who you are angry at. it's him. but i will take the swear words, the painful remarks and whatever else you have to throw at me. because unlike you, i'm not giving up that easily. i know you still want me in your life, if you say it or not. i admit, i was a bit harsh on you. and i could have told you a nicer way, but in the end. i haven't done anything, apart from be there for you, try my hardest to help you though as much as i could, tell you the truth, make you happy, and love you with all my heart. you are my best friend. you are my sister. you are my other half. i know it's not over, i hope we sort this out soon. i miss you already.

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