Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fell apart right in front of my eyes.

a month, or so ago; i was unbelievably happy, i was ranting and raving about how great life was going for me, and how long i'd waited to feel like this, again. i was thanking everyone in my life for being there for me, and being so fucking amazing. i felt on top of the world, like i was invincible, like i was finally free from all the pain, the suffering, the tears, the uncontrollable fear and most of all; free from my thoughts. but now, it feels like that was a life time ago, it feels like it's all catching up with me, it feels like i'm stuck in quick sand; it makes no difference how hard i struggle to get out of it, i just keep sinking. i tried so hard to change my life, but have i really made much difference at all? i still feel broken, i still feel pain, everyday. and i can't fucking deal with it. some please, help me?

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