Tuesday, November 16, 2010

happy birthday.

i put hours of thought into what i was going to get you for your birthday, i wanted you to love it. i thought about it for months, i asked your closest friends what they thought. and they assured me that you would love it. i had finally figured out the little details, and i was so excited about your birthday. then you flipped my entire world upside down. and now as much as i still want to get for you what i had planned; i can't. i can't bring myself to. as much as i want to; i know you don't deserve it. and if i did still get it all for you; you wouldn't learn. it makes me sad because i knew you would have loved a zippo, you would have loved a white shirt tie dyed by hand, with your name printed on the back, making it even more original. you would have loved lunch at Turkish to go. even though you've never tried it, i know you would have loved it. in 2 minutes it's your birthday, you will finally turn 17. i wish i could still go though with my plan, but now it's simple; i can't.

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