Sunday, November 28, 2010

i broke it, again.

last time i punched a wall so hard i broke my knuckle, it was because of my ex, and i don't even remember why i did it, but it was probably because of something he'd done, and it resulted in him breaking my heart, and me breaking my knuckle. i had a cast on for about a month. but this time; it was during a heating argument between me and my mother, i can't remember what she was complaining about, but i know that it set me off, it pushed me to the point i lost control and my anger got the better of me. as my fist hit the wall i heard a crack, i knew what i had done, but i didn't care. at that point, it still didn't hurt. it wasn't until minutes later when i looked down at the blood dripping off my knuckles, that's when the rush of pain serged through my fingers and i noticed just how bad it was. in my cry out for help, i told you. you didn't show a sign of caring at all. i thought that maybe once you had seen my hand, your attitude may change. but i was wrong; all you've said is "you're an idiot!" i knew that you wouldn't be impress about what i'd done, but i thought that maybe you might care just a little bit that i got so angry, and so upset that i got to the point that i had to punch a wall, to stop myself from punching my mum. but you don't, you simply don't care.

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