Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i want to love you.

today, to my face, you said it. the three simple words, with a heart full of meaning. you looked into my eyes, and you said it "i love you" my heart stopped. my mouth dropped and i couldn't take my eyes off of you. i could feel the tears forming in my eyes. "you don't mean it" i can't get my head around it, you can't love me. it's too soon, you can't love me. i broke your heart yesterday, you can't love me. i've made you cry more than you ever have, you can't love me. you broke up with me after i came clean, you can't love me. you don't trust me, you can't love me. you want me to change, you can't love me. but i know that one day you could say those words, and i'd believe you, i'd know you meant it and i'd reply "i love you too" don't get me wrong, i'd love the thought of you falling for me, but i know you don't, not just yet. maybe one day, we will love each-other. but not yet, it's too  soon. maybe one day, because there is no doubt in my mind that i could love you.

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