Friday, November 12, 2010

will it ever end? it always hurts.

will you ever stop breaking my heart? i can't fucking believe you, you heartless prick. 15 fucking girls? is that all? i fucking doubt it. you named a few to my boyfriend, you knew he'd tell me, you made it seem like it just slipped out, but you fucking knew he'd come straight to me. and you know what fucking kills me the most? your fucking proud of it. i hate myself for what i let you do to me, what i let you get away with, for thinking you could change and for loving you unconditionally through everything. you fucking disgust me. you cheated on me, i knew that. a lot, i knew that. but this is beyond what i had imagined, you're a fucking whore. good at it as well, you use girls for their cars, money, drugs and alcohol, and in return you fuck them senseless. i'm surprised i didn't catch anything off you, i hope you get aids and die. i gave you my heart, i gave you every piece of fucking love i had, i gave up everything for you, i gave you myself, completely. i changed who i was for you; to the point i didn't know who i was without you. i would have fucking done anything for you, you knew that, name it and i would have done it for you. but i was never enough for you. after everything you already put me through, you couldn't help sneaking around behind my back fucking whoever was willing. you put me through fucking hell, destroyed every piece of happiness, hope, trust, love and purity i had.. i fucking hate your guts, you make me want to rip my skin open with a blunt blade and watch the blood drip out of my body until there is none left, you make me want to pop ever pill i can find, you make me want to jump off a fucking cliff. i hope your fucking satisfied, you single handedly destroyed me, i wish i never fucking met you. i hope someone finally gives you what you deserve, i hope they stomp on your pretty face and you choke on your own blood when your lying in the gutter.

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