Friday, November 19, 2010

mrs bitch.

you yell at me, telling me i need to take responsibility for the cat's; you were the one home when one of the kitten went missing, you were here not me; i went out for the night and came home to one of them being gone. but you still yell and swear at me. you are totally obnoxious and self deluded, you have no comprehension of what your words and actions do to me, and i know you don't care. you are meant to be the one person on this earth that will be there for me no matter what, care for me and how i feel, look after me and protect me. instead you often wreck my self esteem, and hope for finding something good in this world. you push me to the point i'm so angry i start to cry, you push me to the point i want to give up. you threaten me often, and repetitively make me feel worthless, and like i'm a complete fuck up. i actually thought our relationship was getting better, i thought we've been getting along well recently, i thought you were getting healthier, i thought that whatever kind of therapy your doing was positively affecting your mental stability. but you've proved that wrong. i've been saying to myself for years that i can't handle you, or the way you flip out at me; but i've persevered, i push passed it and i put myself back together. and it looks like i'll have to keep doing so, it kills me the way you treat me.

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