Saturday, November 20, 2010


what the fuck are you doing. i use to refer to you as my brother, i would call you and ask you for advice, i would tell you how i felt and why, i would also try and help you out with your problems, we even had our own handshake, but now? i can't stand you. you just keep making the wrong decisions, everyone is starting to realise it and turn on you. after everything you've done, i tried my hardest to look past it and get along with you, for him. i'd ignore your rude, childish comments, and reply with a simple "shut the fuck up" but now? i don't want to see you, talk to you, or be associated with you at all. even hearing your name being brought up in conversation annoys me. i've got to know you quite well and all i can say is; you are selfish, you are ignorant, you are careless, you are a back stabber and a all-round prick. now, your best mates mother is asking why you two are still so close, and even he is getting sick of your shit. although you make think so; life isn't just about fun and games, you need to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for yourself, and your actions. i know you don't care, but someday you will, and when that day comes; no one else will. i've always been against you receiving a smack in the face or two, but now? they can go hard for all i care, maybe it'll be the wake up call you need, maybe then you'll realise what your doing to your life and the people who give a fuck about you.

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