Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this makes me want to throw up.

i can't stand this, it's ripping me apart. and now it's official, we've broken up. when i walked up to you and your group, i could tell by the look on your best friends face that you had told him. you keep telling me how close you are to crying, and how much you miss me. but when i we said goodbye, the urge came back, the urge to kiss you and then i remembered that no, your not mine, and i can't do that anymore. instead i hugged you, for as long as you let me and then walked away. i wanted to look at you, look into your eyes and see how much you care, but i couldn't, i walked away and i didn't look back. i walked alone through the crowds of people, and thankfully no one noticed, no one noticed the tears dripping off my face.

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