Saturday, November 13, 2010

what the fuck is going on.

i barely slept last night, going over and over in my mind what i could have possibly done wrong now. i didn't come up with anything, all i could think is that you've had enough of my shit, your ready to kick me to the curb and move on with someone better. you freaked me out last night; saying you didn't want to ruin my night but we needed to talk, you couldn't bring yourself to talk about it when you were with me, the night before. what the fuck does that mean! i kept waking up in the middle of the night, checking my phone to see if you had texted me, but you didn't; so i tried to sleep, but i couldn't. i don't know why we need to talk so badly, and you wont give me the slightest hint, but my mind has come up with four possibilities. 1. it's something that my ex has said to you. 2. i've done something wrong, again. 3. you like someone else. 4. you're over my shit, and you're about to end us. i'm so worried, i'm almost vomiting.

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