Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy new year.

i think it's time to wash away all of my worries, all of my pain, all of my unfortunate memories that have happened in the last year. i think it's time i let go, and just smile for a change, without a care in the world; just be me, and smile. each year my new years resolution has always been to become a better person, but i think this year; my new years resolution will be; to be myself, be to true to myself, and who i am. the last two years in a row i've been ditched by the person i loved, ending up walking around crying whilst i watched the fireworks go off, and last year his best friend was looking after me, so to get back at him for taking off an hour before the countdown; i decided he'd be my new years kiss. but tonight will be completely different to those horrible nights; i will be with two beautiful girls, i will be drunk, i will happy, i will be smiling, i will not let anything get in the way of us having a good night; and i will finally get the new years kiss i've been dreaming of.

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