Sunday, December 12, 2010

he deserves better than you.

i can't even describe the way i feel about you, my mind has gone blank. i am a fool for believing you were my friend, and sympathising for you. i've always known what kind of girl you are, the kind that runs around in front of boys in barely any clothing just to get their attention, you're the kind of girl to flirt with my man in front of me, pretend like you're my best friend, and then stab me in the back with my own knife, you're the kind of girl to seduce boys, because you think that will make them love you, you're the kind of girl who will fuck someone over, and make it out like your innocent. you're the kind of girl who looks perfect to the world; pretty, honest, trustworthy Christian girl, but i know you better than the world does. once a whore, nothing more, i'm sorry that'll never change. if only he could see you for who you truely are, because you never have, and never will deserve that amazing young man you have your hands on.

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