Monday, December 6, 2010

spirits are real.

almost seven in the morning, about to hop into bed. i thought i would we spending another night alone, but after a simple conversation on face book, a few good friends came over. coincidentally one of the boys left his wallet here, so only a few came back. earlier we were talking about spirit's, i told everyone that i had a psychic circle; the boys were interested, so now that we were alone, thought we'd try it out. after reading the instructions, lighting a few candles and making ourselves comfortable, we sat down ready to talk to the dead. we placed our fingers onto the small glass dish and asked questions. at first a few of us were skeptical about the board, and the powers that come from the spirit realm. but it proved their beliefs wrong, suddenly the glass dish started moving around the board on it's own, at first we were all a bit freaked out, and tears came pouring out of all our eyes when the dish moved around to where ever it wanted to go. every time it started moving, i would get a rush of shivers down my spin, a warm sensation in my heart, and often goosebumps all over my body. we worked out what kind of question to ask, and to not ask. one friends dead father, and cousin came through and spoke to us, saying hello and trying to him a message. we asked his cousin whether or not she was in heaven, and she replied yes. she could easily answers questions, such as what is the middle maiden name of their grandmother.  i asked if my friend that passed away a few years ago was there, and a strong pull moved the dish to the spot reading 'yes' as we kept going, i started to cry but she couldn't tell me whether she was okay or not. the connection became stronger, and we began to feel when the spirit was communicating with us or not. this went on for about four hours, we all asked about our future, and where we were going in our lives, the answers began to be vague; so we would moved the dish back into the middle of the board, and vent to each other how we were feeling, and what questions we wanted to ask next. we discovers different ways we thought helped our communication; how we would word the questions, and repeating them in a pattern, and sometimes all together. it was obvious that me and a friend had the most powerful connections to the board, and it worked better when our fingers were on the dish. at one point when everyone else took their fingers off, it started to move on it's own, when only my fingers were placed lightly on the glass dish; that's when i freaked out a little bit. i asked if it was positive that i left brett, it strongly moved it's way over the 'yes' sign, so i asked my next question; will brett and i ever get back together, the spirit replied 'no' although it couldn't give me an answer as to why. but i'm sure i already know the answer to that, he'll never change. one of the boys asked who was the most 'psychic' in the circle, and they moved to the letter S, which didn't surprise any of us, and it was reassured when we asked if they meant me, and the dish moved towards the yes. one time, it specifically asked for one of the boys, who didn't even have his fingers on the dish at the time. it came to four am, and one of the boys mentioned that 'whitching hour' was over, i wasn't sure what that meant. but afterwards we asked how many spirits were with us. we were usually getting about six, seven or even eight. but this time, it was one. we then asked if it was a good spirit, the dish moved to the 'no' symbol, we then asked the question we asked frequently during the night "are you going to harm us?" and it moved to the 'yes' symbol. that's when we closed the circle, and ended the game. we were all a little scared after the last spirit, we stayed up talking about all the different so called messages that came through, we were all very confused on some of them, but others were completely clear.  i've always believed in ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, whatever name you have for them, in what ever shape or form; i've always known they are real. but after tonight; there is no doubt in my mind the power that they have.

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