Sunday, December 19, 2010

you sounded just like him.

the other night we were sitting in my room talking; you mentioned it was weird that i don't have many girl mates, and i said i thought it was weird too, but it's mainly because i have trouble trusting girls. you told me how you use to have only girl mates, but now that you've moved here you only have one, you said the exact same thing he said to me about a year ago, and it scared the shit out of me; "out of all the girls, i only have one chick mate, jorgi" my face dropped as the words escaped your lips. "well i think you should get some more girl mates" you thought i was just joking around, so you laughed as i walked out of the room. but i wasn't, not at all. out of all the girls in this town, why her? i walked out of the room because i couldn't look at you, it made me cringe inside to hear you say that, it made my stomach flip upside down and tears started to form in my eyes. one of your mates asked me if i was okay, i said yes, but i wasn't; not at all. i sat in the toilet for a few minutes and let the tears drip off my face onto the floor, as i listened to you and your mates laughing, and joking around. i tried to force a smile back onto my face, but i couldn't get those words out of my mind "out all of the girls, i only have one chick mate, jorgi." it kept going over and over in my mind. out of all the girls in this fucking town, why her?!?!?!

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