Saturday, December 11, 2010

you're ruining my family.

yet again i've been hiding my true feelings behind my smile, pretending like what you've done to my family doesn't phase me, but if i'm being honest with myself; i wanted to shove your hugs, your smiles, your casual conversation, your star bucks, and your manipulative 'caring nature' right up your ass. i didn't say any of the words racing through my mind, to save drama, because all i wanted was to spend some quality time with my brother. i don't see him for months at a time, and all i wanted was to see him; so i zipped my mouth shut. i didn't realise how bad things had got down here, i was oblivious to the extent of coruption. but after this weekend, i wont be coming back for a while. if you could see yourself through my eyes, you wouldn't like what there is to be seen. i'm sure you have no idea what your doing to my family, you think your doing the right thing by my brother, but in reality; your ripping him, and his family apart.

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