Saturday, January 8, 2011

god dam your beautiful to me.

it hasn't even been two full days since the last time i was able to press my lips against yours, feel your arms around me, look into your eyes, and i miss you like crazy. it may sound pathetic, but i can't help it, i miss you. not being able to text you makes it even worse, i just want to know if your having a good time with the boys, i want to know if your thinking about me, i want to know that your smiling. because when you smile, a lightening bolt of happiness is shot through my body, and i cannot resist to smile with you. i miss the look in your eyes when, you tell me you love me. i miss the way you say my name when your angry at me. i miss the way you make me spoon you. i miss the way you can tell how i feel without me even saying a word. i miss the way you play with my hair. i miss the way hold me when were swimming in the ocean. i miss the way you help me keep balance, because you know how clumsy i am. i miss the way you beat me up when we sleep next to each other. i miss the way we act retarded together. but most of all; i miss your lips. i miss being able to grab your face, and kiss you whenever i want. i can't wait to see you tomorrow, i hope you missed me too.

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