Monday, January 3, 2011

happy birthday beautiful.

it's been three years since the tragedy. i remember the last time i saw you, it was the last day of school in year nine; we were sitting in a big group of our friends, eating food, taking photo's, singing songs, jumping around and laughing like we usually did. i remember the last time i properly spoke to you, we had been on msn for about four hours; i can't remember why i was upset but i can remember that you were cheering me up, you turned on web cam, pulled your pants up way too high, danced around in front of the camera to make me laugh. you were just that girl; the girl that anyone could go to for advice, or if they were sad, because you knew how to make everyone smile. you were the bubbly girl everyone knew because you had absolutely no fear, or shame. you were so caring and loving towards everyone, you had an amazing connection with god, and attended church every week. it's been three years, and three days since you've passed away; i remember the last thing you ever said to me "i love you samara, i'll see you on my birthday." and i did see you on your birthday, but none of us every expected it would be at your funeral. daisy; i miss you, i love you, i'll see you one day.
may you rest in peace gorgeous.

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