Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's just the way it is.

i understand that you hate him, and don't want me around him. but there is something you need to understand; that woman i call my second mum, she took me in when i had a split lip, when my real mother had kicked me out of home. i was brought to her in the middle of the night, by the police; after my mother had lost control in a drunken state, and in fear for my safety; i called the police on her. she took me in on the spot, she put a roof over my head, fed me, and took care of me. i lived with her for a few months, she helped me get income, motivated me to go to school and whenever her son had one of his fits at me; she took care of me, she held me when i cried, she took me to the pub and brought me drinks, she trashed talked him with me, and she told me to leave him because i was too good for him, and he didn't deserve me. so in the end, i made her proud and i left him, for good. as for those two beautiful little girls; i've been in their lives for years, since they were first learning to read and write, we've been playing around, doing each others hair, make up, and nails for years. when i went to live with them, they started calling me their big sister, and that is exactly what i am, their sister. the hardest thing about moving out of his house was saying goodbye to them, it broke my heart to see them crying like that. i promised them that i still loved them, and they were still going to see me. so if you have a problem with me visiting my family, when he isn't there;
then that is your problem and you need to deal with it.

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