Sunday, January 9, 2011

you aren't worth it.

that's it, this is where i draw a line; i give up. lying to everyone i know, i can deal with. because i could understand why you wanted to keep what happened between us a secret. not speaking for a year, i can deal with, even though it was horrible, i could deal with it. but, i was so excited when you said you wanted to peace it, i thought that maybe you missed me too, i thought that we would be able to start fresh. but i was wrong, on christmas day you drove passed me and pulled the fingers, i didn't think much of it because you were driving with your girl, the one who you cheated on, with me. but on friday night when a few friends and i were organising what we were going to do that night, we were texting a friend of ours, who was at your house, you said it was allgood for us to come over, without mentioning they were with me. so i thought it would be a good idea they said i was with them, immediately you replied no, saying you didn't want to see me. everyone asked me why you wouldn't want to see me, and i explained to them that because we got too drunk one night, we had sex, we kept it a secret, but finally it got out, and unlike you; i decided to tell the truth. you turned it all around on me, saying i was just making up shit and trying to ruin your relationship because i was jealous. which you and i both know is a load shit, and you've hand fed it to your friends. this is where i draw a line; i'm sick of the drama, i can't be bothered anyone. you've proved to me that you don't give a shit anymore, and made me see how pathetic you really are. i'm not going to try talk to you anymore, you obviously aren't worth my time, or effort.

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