Saturday, March 26, 2011

i really fucked up this time.

i'm a bad person, the guilt is rotting my brain. i've done the worst thing, i've gone from one friend, to the best friend. it's disgusting, i would know; it's happend to me, and it crushed me. i didn't mean for this to come out, i wanted to ignore my feelings and act like nothing was there for at least a few months, so his wounds could heal before he had to take another stab in the back. i wanted to keep this from him, and i know that makes me a bad person. but, i had good intentions; i understand how he flips out, i know when he's going to go on another emotional trip, and this is the perfect thing to make him loose it. i didn't want that, neither of us did, it was the complete opposite of what we want. we thought we could keep hiding our feelings for each other, to save his feelings. but the word is out, and it has spread like a disease, and now there is nothing i can do, but fess up and take responsibility for my actions. i know i'm a bad person, and an idiot, i deserve everything i'm about to get.

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