Thursday, March 31, 2011

i'm trying to be happy for you.

although i know there is no point, i still can't help but stare at you, wishing you would stare back at me, and look into my eyes with that look you used to give me. i miss the way you said so much when you said nothing at all. but there is no point, your not going to look at me like that ever again. to see you with her, it crushed me, but i didn't let it show. i took a deep breathe in and walked away with my group. i pretended i didn't care, even though i wanted to cry, and for the rest of the day i wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. even though it hurts for me to say this; i'm happy for you, when i saw you two together you were smiling, she was smiling, you looked happy. so, i'm happy for you. even though it's ripping me apart to see you happy with her, i'm happy for you. even though i still love you, and miss you; i'm happy for you. plus,  there is a little joke that comes with this relationship. you are a giant and i am a midget, but she is shorter than me! ohhhh haaay'lll no. that shiiit is wack!

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