Wednesday, March 30, 2011

matthew jay hetherington.

at the start of the relationship, i wasn't really interested in you, i thought because of your age that you would be immature, wouldn't be able to handle her, and i thought you had a chance to hurt her eventually. after a few months; and hours of reassurance that you were a good guy, being convinced you were extremely mature for your age and that you would look after her. you took every chance you could get to prove yourself to her, and show her you loved her. i approved of you, i thought you were good for her, and for me to say i approve is a big thing. for me to say "yes, your good enough for my best friend" is a big fucking deal! and obviously you didn't realise that did you? but anyways, after what you've done to her, the way you've left her, you've proven all of my first thoughts on you right. your a lowlife piece of shit, you can go suck a dick, a fucking thick black cock. and to find out what you've been saying about me behind my back to her? that's just fucking rude maaaate. to say i'm not a good best friend, and that i'm bad for her life? are you fucking kidding me kid. wanna hear a joke? your life. hahahaha. you are a idiot. to disregard the best person to ever walk into your life? your a big fucking idiot. one day, when you grow up you'll realise what you've just done. i hope she never talks to you again, you don't deserve anything about her, she's amazing and you are scum. guts for you aye. i hope you read this :) fuck you and have a nice day. bitch.

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