Thursday, March 17, 2011

unfortunately, i still want you.

it's been a month since you last told me you love me, sometimes i wonder if you truly meant it, the way i did. the worst part is, i still love you; and you don't care, not the slightest bit. i miss the stupid things we used to do together, just because we liked to play, just because we liked to be dorks together. i miss the little things, i miss the fact you noticed the little things, just like i do, and they were what meant the most to us. i miss being held in your arms, i swear i've never felt so safe in someone's before the nights i spent with you. i'm dreading seeing you tomorrow at school, my friend reminded me how beautiful you are today, and i haven't seen you in a few days, it's been good. but i know as soon as i see you, all the feelings i've been fighting will come back, pulsing through my body all over again, i'll feel the rush of you.

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