Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chelsea arlidge.

before this year; we were barely even acquaintances, let alone friends. but in the past two months or so; we've become good friends, i've listened to you, you've listened to me, you've given me advice and vice versa, we've helped each other when we were close to tears. now that were friends, i've asked myself "where have you been all my life?!" your beautiful on the inside and out, even if he doesn't make you feel like that sometimes; just know, i think you're beautiful. i'm sure you already know you deserve better than the way he treats you, and what he's done to you in the past; you deserve the best the world has to offer, you have so much love to give, your so kind, and he doesn't appreciate that about you. but i do. so next time he fucks you around again or makes you feel like shit; read this.
i love you bitch, your amazing.

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