Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cute piece of shit.

you aren't like anyone i've ever met before, your crazy in all the right ways. in third form, we liked each other, we were both the innocent little christian kids, we even attended the same youth group. on one particular occasion after youth had finished, we took off into the darkness together; we climbed a tree, and we talked for what felt like four hours. i don't exactly remember what we spoke about word for word, but i do remember the way i felt. as though i could tell you anything without any fear of judgment, and for some reason i knew you would still like me just the way i was. we didn't end up together back then but; three years later, we like each other again. life has changed drastically for both of us in the last few years, you've left school, and taken on a full time job instead. i've decided to stay at school and work my little butt off. but in some ways, nothing has changed at all; we both take drugs often, and rebel against our parents. i still feel like i can tell you anything without any fear of judgement or ridicule, and i know you like me just the way i am. there isn't a thing i would change about you either, i think your awesome, and my feelings for you are growing stronger every day. i'm looking forward to spending the night with you tonight; laughing till i can't breathe, cuddling up to you, watching movies and possibly flying sky high.

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