Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i hope this is worth it.

we both know this is really wrong, but not the extent to the damage we've caused. seeing him weep and stutter like that, made my stomach twist and knot itself together. i was speechless, i was in shock, and filled with guilt. it wasn't meant to be like this, we didn't mean for this to happen, we didn't want to hurt him, but we have and he doesn't understand the fact we didn't want this to happen, and that we still really care about him. but, i'm not surprised he doesn't believe that i care about him, i haven't given him any reason to believe me. i guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he still wants us in his life, and is obviously able to accept that we like eachother. but, i am surprised he still talks to me, especially considering last week you yelled and swore at me for a good ten minutes whilst crying and then took off on your scooter, i haven't seen you since and i'm starting to miss your company, a lot.

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