Wednesday, April 6, 2011

love isn't enough.

for the last three and a half years you've expected me to forgive you for everything you do, just because i love you. all those times you went behind my back; chatting up girls and cheating on me, it was supposed to be okay because i love you. and now that's all been said and done; we were meant to be friends, but friends don't talk to one another like that, and they certainly don't expect their friends to forgive them after they've abused them, and made them sob hysterically on a bus. you made me feel like i was dirty, and no that's no okay with me, not fucking okay at all. and no, this time i will not forgive you for the simple fact i love you. you know i don't want to love you, so shall i pretend like i don't love you at all? should be easy enough; you've been doing it easily enough for the last three years.

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