Tuesday, April 12, 2011

some things just aren't meant to be.

i knew it at the time, and now that i've taken a step back and thought about what i was doing; i couldn't be more certain, he was a mistake. i knew that it was going to end badly, and  i knew it was wrong; it felt wrong everyday. i knew he liked me more than i liked him, and i knew that when i stopped liking him in that way; it was going to hurt him. i knew that it meant our friendship would never be the same, and i knew that he wouldn't let it go back to how it was. looking back now, i wish i never did what i did. he was a rebound, he was a mistake, he never fit with me and i never fit with him. for everything i've done wrong; i am sorry. what i've done to him is wrong, on many different levels. but this kinda fits, in ways you couldn't have. but i hope he keeps my bracelet on, i'm going to keep his on.

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