Monday, April 11, 2011

on the 10th of february 2011, i wrote this.

i couldn't even force a fake smile onto my face, not today, not after what you said to me last night. i'd been fighting back the left over tears i didn't let out on the phone last night. i couldn't look at you, i was too scared to look into your eyes. i struggled to ignore you, and my highway of thoughts consisting of you, and only you. "you said you would smile today" i looked at you, you looked at me; and we smiled. "i know you can do a little better than that" i waited for you to get the text back, you smiled, and then i smiled back at you. "i can't believe the power behind your smile" i smiled, bigger, and bigger. "first time i've smiled all day. i could say the same about yours" it's true, i didn't smile all day. "i hadn't smiled all day till i saw yours" i couldn't fight the smile that was trying to errupt from my mouth. i was trying so hard not to grin. i had gone from empty, lifeless, miserable; to exstatic within minutes. - it hurts remembering how happy you made me, i need to forget.

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