Tuesday, April 5, 2011

you cunt.

i can't put what you just did to me into words, you don't know what kind of damage you've caused and in reality neither do i. i thought that we had come far enough to be able to leave our past in the past, and help each other and move on with our futures. i thought that after that many nights staying up listen to you complain, and trying to help you as much as i could; i thought that maybe just once you'd be capable of being there for me too. but fuck was i wrong, instead of making me feel like there was still reason to keep on going, keep trying. all you did was make me wish i'd never met you all over again. i've said it before, and i'll say it again; i don't want anything to do with you. i was a fucking idiot to think you could be my friend, to think you were mentally capable of treating me the way i deserve, to think you were able to think of someone else's feelings for longer than a minute, or an orgasm. you hacked me down, more and more, text after text; and now? i can't stop crying, i can't stop shaking, i can't stop wishing i had never text you in the first place. you said the exact right words to make me hate you all over again. and it hurts, because i was starting to trust you again. i've always been a fool when it comes to you.

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