Sunday, May 1, 2011

build me up, to break me down.

i let it out, i let you in. into my heart, and into my mind. i told you how i've been feeling, how i've been reacting, i told you the reasons i am the way i am, i told you how i feel lost, and alone constantly. i told you how often i'm miserable, and how i feel like there will be no end to this constant pain i feel. i told you what i was angry about, and why i can't handle the way you speak to me, and you said you would try and help, you said you'd do everything you could to make this easier for me. and then within minutes; you snapped, to the other 'you' saying 'it's no wonder i'm never here, you're just always miserable." throwing everything that i had just expressed to you, right back into my face. what's your problem, mother?

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