Thursday, May 5, 2011

four years later.

exactly four years ago today my mum would have been picking me up for my first day of school at otumoetai college, the day after i flew here from perth, australia. four years has passed quickly, looking back on those years; everything has changed. i've met a lot of people, and lost a few too. i can barely remember that girl anymore, or the way i used to feel back then. i'm sure it must have been a hell of a lot better than the way i feel four years later. but it's funny, when we first got here; i told my mother straight away i hated this place, and i still do. but i must say, through out my countless mistakes, i've learnt more than i could have ever imagined. i've experienced so much since i've been here, some things i wish i could replay a million times, and some things i wish never happened. but everything i've been through has made me who i am today, whatever that is.

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