Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i can't keep up the fight, i'm too tired.

i woke up this morning positive towards the world, and the day ahead; i was laughing and making jokes, just like i usually would. i was fine, i had myself held together, right up until the moment i saw your face; my chest started to cave in, a tonne of bricks were pulling me down, and my mind was racing. one second; i was happy, and full of life, and then a second later; i was turning into a shell of myself, my chest was heavy, it was harder to walk, i was afraid to speek; i was afraid that if i opened my mouth; i would break into a million little pieces. i put my head down trying to distract my mind from you, to my school work, but it was pointless, my thoughts were set on repeat. i tried my hardest to hold it in; only letting a single tear drip without anyone noticing. i don't know how much longer i can pretend like i'm okay when i'm not, when i'm broken.

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