Sunday, May 1, 2011

i'm not doing this again.

the black abis is lightening into a flooded blue colour; it's 6.26 am, i haven't slept all night, and i'm now on my 7th double strength cup of coffee. i'd procrastinated the entire two weeks about this assignment, although it's one i knew i had to pass, and like i said i would, i left it until the last day. this shows my lazyness, and he determination, and self disipline i've recently developed. this year i am committed; i will pass, i wont let anything distract me or pull me down. i don't want to drive out this town with no qualifications, and no future. this is going to be one rough day at school, but at least i finished the assignment. fuck, i'm a geek, i'm writing about freakn' homework.

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