Sunday, May 15, 2011

no more.

i have come to the realisation that you aren't worth missing, you've proved yourself unworthy of my love enough times now and i am too tired to miss you any longer. there is no point in missing someone who doesn't miss you the same way back. looking back now, our relationship wasn't such a fairytale after all. you were rude to me, and shut me down, making me feel like i wasn't good enough for you regularly. you were emotionally cheating on me with someone i introduced into your life, and no matter how many times i tried to show you my point of view, you ignored me, you ignored my feelings, and you ignored the problems you were making for us. you controlled me, you made me feel guilty if i wanted to hang out with people who you didn't approve of. you made me, change who i was. at the time, i thought you were helping me become a better, me. but now i see things from a different perspective, i should have never have changed the way i was for you, if you actually loved me the way you said you did, you would have loved me for me. instead, you loved me for what i changed for you, for the sacrifices i made. but then again, you didn't love me, not the way i loved you. if you truly loved me, you wouldn't have done half of things you did whilst we were together, you wouldn't have spread rumours about me, and you wouldn't have broken all those promises we made to each other.

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