Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hopelessly devoted.

the last time i saw a shooting star; i was lying in your arms, in the grass, our clothes were drenched in our own tears. we were looking up at the patch of sky we could see from the tunnel of trees around us, i was doubting, and you were reassuring me. as soon as you said the words "baby, i know we can be perfect again" a shooting star shot across the sky. we saw it as a miracle, our sign. tonight; when i was halfway through a sentence, i saw another shooting star. this time i wasn't talking about us, i was talking about the plan we had for our future. almost four years ago now; we planned out our wedding day, and we'd agreed on the name of our children. and tonight; as soon i said the name of our son 'jacob' another shooting star shot across the sky. my heart lit up, my eyes opened up a little wider, and the curves of my mouth were pointing upwards. we saw that shooting star as a miracle, as a sign. and i can't help but believe that this is another sign, a sign saying "hold on, all is not lost." a sign saying "don't give up."

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